Get Your Event Planning Services Started In A Few Simple Steps!

Wedding and event management organizers often find marketing of their business the toughest thing to deal with. From planning, organizing to facilitating medium and large-sized events, event organizers assist customers to ensure that their event is a huge success and is remembered by people for a long time to come. There could be a numbers of events to assist, for example, weddings, corporate parties, family reunions, club events etc. There could be events in which the event managers are requested to arrange for travel and lodging accommodations for the guests while also coordinating the entire event. If you know your marketing gimmicks, an event planning business could be highly successful with a few startup expenses. Listed below are a few simple steps to start with:

Legal setup

The first step to begin with is to set up your event planning service legally. This needs to be initiated by registering the name of your business in the state where you reside and then obtain a business license at the state and local level. Different states have different levels of legal needs and it is better to look up all of them before getting started. If you plan to employ anyone, you must have a worker’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance.

Marketing needs

This is what we have been talking about. Marketing is the spine of your business that you cannot afford to ignore. It will not only decide the beginning of your business venture but also the future prospects of it. To start off, you should keep aside a considerable amount of money for your marketing needs. While this could very well be a reasonable amount, the better your marketing, the more expensive it becomes.

You must have heard of premium rate numbers and how they immensely help to promote businesses. We are exactly hinting at that. A lot of event planners have gone down the drain because despite great services and a good budget, they never cared to promote or market their business. So how do you go about promoting your business via these premium rate numbers?

  1. Get them to know your number

While registering your number is a part of the whole story, there are other aspects to it as well. You have to ensure that your potential customers know the number as well. These premium rate numbers can be tricky because most of your clients would worry about the call charges but if you can make your services better than what they have been expecting, they might not mind the charge at all. This is a more of a cycle; good service brings in more customers and more customers who call brings in more services.

  1. Emails and Website

When you send a mail to your customers, ensure that your mail has your premium rate number listed. This is one of the first things that your customer will notice when they feel interested to call you.

Your website should also be designed keeping in mind the promotion of your business. The premium rate numbers should be highlighted on every page as well as on the sidebars or footers. When you are setting up your website, ensure that the numbers are listed prominently from Day 1.

  1. Social media

Your social media profile is a significant area that can make a huge difference. Your premium rate number should clearly reflect on your social media profile. Facebook lets you add a call to action at the top of your cover image where you could include the URL to your website, your contact details with your premium-rate number prominently mentioned. This can also be done in the ‘About’ section of your Facebook page.

Other social media profiles like Twitter, LinkedIn can be used to promote your business in the same way.

  1. Campaigns

Google AdWords can assist you in placing ads along search results with specific keywords that your target audience will search for. Also, there are call-only campaigns where you could directly embed your phone number in the ad so your call is just a click away.

If you have a mailing list, you can let your subscribers know about your company and your premium rate number so that they could call you for your services. Adding your number at the beginning and at the end of a mailing list can help your subscribers find your name easily.

You can also place banner ads on other sites which might prove to be a successful way of promoting your event planning services.

Apart from marketing, the few other steps are:


Establishing partnerships with key service providers can bring in a lot of profits. When you do frequent business with them, they might offer you price discounts that will help to keep your expenses low and your profits high.

Startup funds

You should have enough funds to pay at least three months of overhead expenses that include rents, utilities and salaries. You could also keep a certain amount of money for the first event plan because you might have to add some special services for your clients to promote your startup. These things add to the popularity of your profile and go a long way in making your business well-known among social circles.


Try to keep the staffing minimum initially. Take up additional responsibilities as much as possible and outsource non-essential functions. You should be able to handle account duties, make tax preparations, recruit people and handle administrative activities at the same time unless there is enough profit to employ others in the system.


When you can follow these simple steps, success will not be far behind. It is all about organizing and planning beforehand and since you will handle a management system, there is nothing better than start all of it at home! The quintessential factor is to highlight your premium rate number everywhere so that more customers call in and register them. It is not only profitable for your business but also easier for your marketing in the longer run.